Freight forwarding since 1945

Uuttera Oy was established in 1945. It’s main fields of business are forwarding and car terminal activities.

Uuttera was one of the founding partners in Suomen Vapaasatama Oy – Freeport of Finland Ltd in year 1960 and is presently its biggest shareholder.

The organization of storage and distribution takes place in the company’s warehouses and field facilities within the Freeport area in cooperation with international and domestic forwarders. Annually thousands of tons of groupage are handled and PDIs are performed for tens of thousands imported cars.

Transit traffic to and from Russia and central Asia plays an important role in Uuttera’s Hanko operations. A number of car factories and trading companies have together with Uuttera established buffer stocks including PDI for this purpose.

Uuttera Group is also an investor, owning office buildings and shares.

As a member of the Association of Finnish Freight Forwarders, Uuttera offers importers and exporters forwarding storage services as well as an effective nationwide distribution network. The company’s customers include foreign suppliers which maintain consignment stocks in Uuttera’s facilities.

Uuttera is a part of Helkama Group of companies. Helkama companies have operated in Finland since year 1905. Please study the other Helkama Group companies at

Finishing functions at Hanko PDI facilities

Professionally trained workers

Modern techniques, ADP, painting, body repairs etc

Extra installations of accessories

Installations of accessories according to customer

Approved by car factories

Level and quality of the work approved by car factories

Buffer stock for basic model

Stock for basic model, further modifications according to customer