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Auto terminals

Hanko meets all the requirements that are neccessary for a perfect auto terminal. The ice-free harbour, the good connections to Europes other harbours and the short distances to the east have all contributed in making Hanko the leading car terminal in Finland. With our expertise we try to meet even the most demanding needs of our customers.

Uuttera has tens of hectares of storagefacilities for both European and non-European cars. There is room for tens of thousands of cars in the fenced and guarded freeport area. Many of the worlds leading car manufacturers and trading houses including several domestic importers rely on Uuttera’s services.

Many well-known car manufacturers use Uuttera as an intermediate depot for their bufferstock for the markets in, for example: Russia and the Baltic Countries. The countries are located close to Hanko – only one border to cross to reach, for example, Moscow.

The installation of accessories in the vehicles, in accordance with the customer’s desires, are done quickly and reliably using the latest technology and our staff’s expertise.